Keysborough's 2018 Tuesday & Saturday

Pennant Teams do it again !


                                                                                               Keysborough Saturday No 1 Team - Division 2 Section 6


L to R - Russell 'Rusty' Matthews, Michael Gray, Kevin Deer, Ben Cornell, Kevin Murphy, Brian Gay, Ting Salom, Peter Gillette, Noel Daly,
Dylan Booth, Greg Kelly, Les Kelly, Sue Jones, Gloria Munro, Rob Lillis, John Pentreath (Emergency Rob de Costa)


Keysborough No.1 Saturday team following their inspiring one-point win of the semi-finals with the last bowl of the day over their opponents Edithvale. Their next game (The Finals) was against Beaumaris, and sadly our team wasn't able to continue their impressive run. A Great season - well done guys!


                                                                                               Keysborough Saturday No 3 Team - Division 6 Section 6 


L to R - Eileen McMillan, Geoff King, Lyle Allan, Rod MacLean, Sue Klemm, John Fitzpatrick, Rick Matthews, Max Stone, Ken Groves,
Christine Hutchins, Kevin Strahan, Charlie Cullen, David Lockwood, Cole Logan, Paul O'Neill, Ray Jochinke


Keysborough's third Saturday side following their convincing final win over Pakenham 4 at Churchill Park. The win promoted them to Division 5. This team went on to play in the Divsional Quarter Finals against Healesville, and,after a valiant effort and playing in trying conditions sadly failed to win the game.


                                                                                                Keysborough Midweek No 2 Team - Division 3 Section 6 


  L to R - Anita Probert, Dylan Booth, Greg Kelly, Peter Bendzius, John Casey, John Fitzpatrick, Judy Casey, Bev Williams, 
Kevin Strahan, Helen MacLean, Geoff King, Eileen McMillan
The Midweek (Tuesday Day) team - Keysborough 2 Division 3 Section 6 had an incredible season with 15 out of 18 wins and finishing the season at the top of the ladder. They faced Cranbourne RSL and won 68 - 50, They also won Sectional Final against Pakenham 3  63 - 53. This gave them the flag and promtion to the 2nd Division. Their win also qualified them to compete in the Divisionals.
On Tuesday 13th March they played their Divisional Quarter Finals against Palm Lake 1 and won 51 - 48. Their next game, the Divisional Semi Final was against Mulgrave Country Club 3, and Mulgrave proved the better team on the day. However, this does not diminish the incredible journey that this team has travelled. Well done guys! You have done the club proud.
                                                                                        Keysborough Midweek No 3 Team - Division 5 Section 5 
Ray Jochinke, David Osborne, Rod MacLean, Rick Matthews, Christine Hutchins, Margie Fitch, Ken Groves,
Pat Riseley, Keith Skuse, Carmel Sly, Barbara Sterck & Max Cooksley
The second Midweek winning team was Keysborough 3, Division 5 Section 6. They finished 2nd on the ladder by the end os the season, another fantastic effort! In their Sectional Semi Final they played Armadale 6, and won 65 - 62. They then went on to defeat Edithvale 73 - 50, winning the flag and promoting them to Division 4. It also qualified the team to enter the Divisionals.
Due to a quirky fixture, the team had a Bye on their first Divisional Quarter Final. They then met Bundoora RSL in the Divisional Semi Final. Sadly they were defeated 86 - 42. None the less, this was an extraordinary result, and all the players should be very proud!


Allan Munro Open Fours Day 2018

An Outstanding Success!


IMG 2439

The days' winners; Gloria Munro, Bob Murray, Marilyn Mulcock and John Fitzpatrick

The second Allan Munro Open Fours Day, previously known as the New Year's Invitational Open Fours, was again an outstanding success with many players commenting on the convenial atmosphere of the club.  Allan Munro was, and will always be, 'Keysborough Bowls Club'. Together with his wife Gloria, they made a formidable team, and both worked tirelessly in the interest of the club. The Allan Munro Open Fours Day will ensure that his name and efforts will never be forgotten. One of his roles, together with Gloria, was the organising of this event, which sadly he wasn't able to be involved in. Others stepped in who were determined that this day would be as great a success as though the man and his good wife had organised it themselves. 

What made this day extra special was the fact the Gloria and her team (as shown in the photo above) won this event. Allan would undoubtedly be proud and pleased that the Munro name appears on the competition shield. Well done guys!



    New Members Always Welcome!

New members, bowlers and non-bowlers alike, are always welcome at our club. Anyone that has never picked up a bowl is provided with all the assistance, including the use of club bowls, basic coaching, and companionship, that is needed to make you feel at home. Our club is very friendly,and always ready to help new players settle in.

We have 4 teams playing Saturday pennant: 

IMG 0961s

       Team 1 - Keysborough 1 - Division 2 Section 6
       Team 2 - Keysborough 2 - Division 3 Section 8
       Team 3 - Keysborough 3 - Division 5 Section 6
       Team 4 - Keysborough 4 - Division 7 Section 6

and 4 teams playing Tuesday pennant: 

       Team 1 - Keysborough 1 - DivIsion 2 Section 6
       Team 2 - Keysborough 2 - Division 2 Section 8
       Team 3 - Keysborough 3 - Division 4 Section 6
       Team 4 - Keysborough 4 - Division 5 Section 7
We also have 2 teams playing Tuesday Night (SDELBA)
Team 1 - Keysborough 1 - Division 2
Team 2 - Keysborough 2 - Division 4

Part of the membership is the provision of access to the greens at any time, so that you are able to practice by yourself whenever you feel the need; although there are likely to be other members that will gladly share a rink with you; and give some additional advice on your bowling progress.

It is always a good time for new bowlers to join the club as your coaching program will take about 4 weeks to complete before you are cleared to bowl in club competitions.  This will set you up to play pennant bowls if you wish on Tuesdays & Saturdays. Bowls and in particular pennant bowls should be attractive to people who have played team sports such as cricket, football, netball and golf.  Feel free to drop into the club anytime to watch a pennant match on Tuesdays and Saturdays and speak to someone about having a try yourself.  There are plenty of members who will make you feel welcome and give you some tips to get you bowling and having fun.

Contact the Club Secretary - Colleen Deer - (H) 8774 0210 (M) 0402 748 940.

logo pdf     Click here to download a Membership Form  

Following completion of the Membership Form, please forward to the Keysborough Bowls Club at 356 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough, 3173, Victoria; or call in to the club - we'd love to meet you!



 OK, Let's have some fun!  

 Corporate & Barefoot Bowls




The above organisations are just some of the many, that have enjoyed a great day of barefoot or corporate bowls at Keysborough Bowls Club. Your organisation can also be part of this great experience by making a booking at the club now. We can accomodate day and night barefoot bowling. The day/night will include a bowling experience assisted by club bowlers, food can be catered, finger food can be provided, and a good size BBQ is available for use, or we can cook the food for you. We have a fully licenced bar, and air-conditioned premises for those hot days. Bookings are coming in quickly, don't miss out!



The club welcomes any person interested in having a go at lawn bowling - it really isn't all that hard, and can provide a great deal of fun! From having a go, and liking it (and we think you will), you may consider taking up bowls at a social level, or competitive level. KBC has two synthetic bowling greens, both ideally suited for corporate, or barefoot bowling events. The front green also has lights, allowing for events to be held at night. We are a club for the young at heart and encourage anyone to have a go! We provide a great atmosphere, good facilities, and friendly members, who will always be ready to assist and encourage anyone willing to try.

The club has some simple guides for both Corporate and Barefoot Bowls:

    • When bowling, please observe simple rules of etiquette
    • No heels on the green
    • Bare feet or socks are the best
    • Please refrain from taking glass or glass bottles onto the green
    • Respect the surface of the green by not running or jumping, or throwing or dropping the bowl

These events are on offer each week - just call Gloria on 0421 123 495 to arrange your event which can include a BBQ, salads and sweets, and access to best value bar service and prices.

logo pdf   Alternatively, you can fill in this form, and drop it off at the club - remember - we'd love to meet you!