In pennant games, an 8 badge is awarded to members of a fours rink where a full count of eight shots is achieved in a single end.

Keysborough Bowls Club Honour Boards
KBC Eights Badges
Year Players
2003 ~ 04 Lois Pensom W. Hayes Gloria Munro V. Harrison
Geoff Worthington Fred Kilby N. Leahy D. Cannon
2005 ~ 06 B. Briggs H. Gillbee H. Parry J. Butcher
2006 ~ 07 Lois Pensom D. Randell W. Milum R. Van Loon
G. Clark Geoff Worthington E. Van Loon Steve Belcher
2007 ~ 08 Gloria Munro Margaret Pitcher May Jameson Marlene Fitzpatrick
P. Randell Ben Cornell Hugh Jameson Allan Munro
H. Moore Ray Johnstone T. de Prinse Steve Belcher
Kevin Deer Barry Shipperlee K. Buchanan M. Daly
2008 ~ 09 Lois Pensom P. O'Connell V. Harrison Les Kelly
2009 ~ 10 Barbara Sterck G.V. Shepperd D. Simcock C. Close
V. Harrison Marlene Fitzpatrick Margaret Fitch G. Harrison
Una Jameson Joan Grant May Jameson Allan Munro
Lois Pensom S. Collins Peter Wills Marilyn Mulcock
Les Kelly C. Gibson Pat Riseley Gloria Munro
Bob Irving C. Gibson Tony Francis Max Stone
Jim Erskine Doug Overport M. Glomberg G. Harrison
2011 ~ 12 Peter Wills Geoff King Marilyn Mulcock Marg Fitch
2012 ~ 13 Lois Pensom Fred Kilby Klaus Kutschbach Peter Bendzius
Ting Silom R. Lillis Ben Cornell Stan Fennell
Shane Pugsley Geoff King Jeff Cavey Eckard Dietrich
2013 ~ 14 Shane Pugsley Lois Pensom Pat Riseley Luigi Savanah
Indoor 2014 Kevin Deer Sandra Arnel Lois Pensom Keith Skuse
2015 ~ 16 Olive Woods Heather Belcher Max Cooksley Ray Johnstone
Sue Jones Marilyn Mulcock Brian Gay Gloria Munro
Helen Kelly Joan Grant Les Kelly Keith Horsnell
2016 ~ 17 Peter Hawkins Rick Matthews Colin Logan Ray Johnstone
Jenny Strahan Heather Belcher Kevin Strahan Lyle Allen
Luigi Savanah Marilyn Mulcock Michael Gray Ben Cornell
2018 ~ 19 Philomena Alvarez Tony Alvarez David Osborne Klaus Gunthner
2019 ~ 20 Helen McLean Colleen Deer Max Cooksley David Sheard
2020 ~ 21 Sue Klemm May Jameson Eileen McMillan Geoff King
2021 ~ 22 Tony Sicluna Richard Cruden Una Jameson John Casey
Sam Moran Carol Hardham Noel Daly  Aaron Burke 
Trevor Alvarez David Osborne Gloria Munro Allan Gibson
Trevor Alvarez Peter Gillette Noel Daly John Pentreath
2022 ~ 23 Grant McKay Ben Cornwell Noel Daly Aaron Burke