General Information for Players


 Starting Times for Games   

Weekend Pennant  -  1.00pm
Midweek Pennant  -  10.30am
Midweek Night Pennant  -  7.15pm
Championships and Social Bowls  -  as advertised for individual events.
NOTE: Players are expected to be present AT LEAST 20 minutes prior to starting times, regardless of weather, UNLESS players have been previously advised of cancellation.
If going direct to an away game, please indicate this on the selection board by placing a disc next to your name - or inform your skip.
As a matter of courtesy to sponsors and trophy winners, players are requested to remain in the club room until after the presentation of prizes for all competotions.
Members should familiarize themselves with the etiquette and rules of the game of bowls, and observe them at all times.
Keysborough expects all members to display good sportsmanship and encourage fellow team members. Be courteous, and don't move ot talk when someone is on the mat about to deliver; this may distract the player, and could affect their game.
Indoor Bowls
All members are eligible to play Indoor Bowls and be selected for pennant which is played each Thursday during the winter months. They may also enter the Club Championship events. Participants who are not members of a bowls club must enroll as Social members of this club at a fee of $37.00 which entitles them to play Indoor Bowls and use the facilities of the club.
Working Bees
Working Bees are held every Monday morning from 9.00am until 11.30am. All members are welcome to come and assist.
       Annual Subscriptions (For the 2023/24 Season)
 Full Membership  $180.00 
 Social Membership $37.00 
 Social Plus Membership $82.00 
 New Membership $112.00 
 Junior Membership Free  
 Green Fees $10.00 
Payment of Subscriptions
Subscriptions are due on the 1st April each year.
Payments can made at any time, preferable before or at the Annual General Meeting.
Cash &/or Cheque (Made payable to Keysborough Bowls Club.
Card - An EFTPOS facility is available at the bar.
Electronic Bank Transfer - Please make payment to:
Bendigo Bank  BSB 633108  Account No. 147201313 - Keysborough Bowls Club.
Coaching Times
Every Thursday at 5.00pm. Other times by arrangement. One on One coaching by appointment only with Dane Gade (Coach)
Practice Times
Green will be available at all times with the following exceptions:
  • No member may practice on a green being used for Bowls Victoria organised games, Club Championship Finals, or finals of any other organised events. Otherwise, whilst other organised play is in progress, members may practice if rinks are available. Check the blackboard at front door.
  • For Saturday Pennant, players may practice on our own greens after the greens have been prepared for pennant up to 12.30pm. The greens should then be vacated until the two-end roll-up prior to play.
  • Also, for Saturday Pennant, you are not allowed to practice on away greens.
  • No practice is to take place before 9.00am on Sundays.
      Organised games are any games organised by the Match Committee or Outdoor Committee.
The Greens
  • The Greens Director or his representative shall have full power and supervision of the playing area. He or his representative have the power to prevent play at any time it is considered that the greens may be harmed, and/or become dangerous for players to use. Notice posted by him or his representative to this effect shall be sufficient.
  • The Greens Director or his representative shall allocate the playing rinks for the days' events, after consultation with the persons concerned, provided that in pennant play, each team shall be allocated adjoining rinks.
  • No members shall be allowed to play on the playing area unless wearing approved shoes (smooth sole or heelless)
  • Members shall take the greatest possible care when using the greens at practice.
  • Officially organised games shall, at all times, have priority use of the greens.
  • Club competition games shall have priority over practice games for the use of greens or rinks.
  • All ladies' and mens' club competitions take priority over any outside invitation days. 

Adverse Weather
All Tuesday and Saturday pennant players must arrive at their home club or away club as usual 20 minutes before roll-up, regardless of the weather.
For all pennant games and tournaments Club Uniform is worn. It comprisesClub Shirt, Navy Shorts or Pants, Socks, Blue or white hat, and flat soles shoes, all of which must be Bowls Vic approved (displaying the bowls logo). Club jackets may be purchased from the club or navy coloured approved jackets are available from Bowls Shops.
Mufti means any neat casual clothing.
Your bowls should be matching set of four, with the Keysborough stickers applied. Stickers should be complete (undamaged) and correctly applied.
Green fees are $7 which must be collected by the 2nd in each team. When the money from all four players has been collected, it must then be handed to the Teams' Manager prior to the commencement of the game.
Teams are selected on a Monday night for Saturday Pennant, and on Tuesday for Tuesday Day & Night Pennant. Selections are displayed on boards in the Club, and are also on the Web Site.
Every Saturday Pennant playing member is given a voting card on the day to score the performance of the other three players in his/her rink. This is a guide to assist the selectors when they decide the make-up of the following weeks' teams. This information is confidential, and is only available to the selectors. Cards are to be completed at the end of the day's play, and given to the 2nd, who will in turn, pass the collected cards to the Team Manager.
Club Tournaments
All members are strongly encouraged to participate in all of the Club's Championships each year to gain more experience.
Tournaments at Keysborough and other clubs are great to enter to gain experience and play with/against bowlers of all abilities. Keep a lookout around the club for flyers advertising such events.
The Lead's Role
The Lead's role in Pennant & competitions, is to position the mat, roll the Jack to where the skip wants it, and deliver his/her bowls as close to the Jack as possible. If your team has just lost the previous end, it is the Lead's role - once the score has been decided by the thirds - to rake/move the bowls to a position behind, and to the left, of the mat.
At the end of a home game it is the role od the Lead to return both the mat and the Jack to the box.
Duty Rinks
Be aware of when you are selected for duty. Every player is rostered to be on duty at least twice per season. Duty rinks are indicated on the selection board and the Web Site. The duty rinks'responsibilities include the puting up of the flags, setting all the score boards to zero, placng the corner flags, distributing the mats and jacks, makiung sure that seating is clean and dry, and generally preparing the greens for competition. At the end of the day's play, the duty rink is responsible for cleaning up the rinks, including lowering the flags, taking down the corner flags, and ensuring that all equipment has been securely put away.