OK, Let's have some fun!  

 Corporate & Barefoot Bowls

This is a favourite Christmas Break-up Activity, and early bookings are advised as the calendar fills quickly.


The club welcomes any person interested in having a go at lawn bowling - it really isn't all that hard, and can provide a great deal of fun! From having a go, and liking it (and we think you will), you may consider taking up bowls at a social level, or competitive level. KBC has two synthetic bowling greens,both ideally suited for corporate, or barefoot bowling events. The front green also has lights to allow twilight barefoot bowls.We are a club for the young at heart and encourage anyone to have a go! We provide a great atmosphere, good facilities, and friendly members, who will always be ready to assist and encourage anyone willing to try.

To ease the decision making process, Keysborough Bowls Club has developed a number of Packages to suit a range of needs - The packages are based on a minimum of 25 persons per booking (Although less can be accomodated; simply call the club)


Package 1: $15 per person for Bowls

Bowls only. Bowls and coaching available. Purchase drinks and snacks from the bar.


Package 2: $15 per person for Bowls plus $300 for self-catering

Bowls. Bowls and coaching available. BYO catering (Kitchen and BBQ available). Purchase drinks and snacks from the bar. Hall and facilities must be cleaned satisfactorily, otherwise a cleaning fee will be charged.


Package 3: $30 per person for bowls and finger food

Bowls. Bowls and coaching available. Party pies, sausage rolls, crisps, dips and biscuits. Purchase drinks and snacks at the bar.


Package 4: $40 per person for bowls and meal

Bowls. Bowls and coaching available. Chicken and salads, bread rolls, crisps. Purchase drinks and snacks from the bar.


The club has some simple guides for both Corporate and Barefoot Bowls:

When bowling, please observe simple rules of etiquette
No heels on the green
Bare feet or socks are the best
Please refrain from taking glass or glass bottles onto the green
Respect the surface of the green by not running or jumping, or throwing or dropping the bowl

These events are on offer each week - just call Gloria on 0421 123 495 to arrange your event which can include access to best value bar service and prices.

You can also complete this form logo pdf and either drop it off at the club, or mail it to the club (care of Gloria).