Keysborough Bowls Club

Saturday Pennant Duties

Nominated Duty Team to do Both AM and PM Duties


AM Duties

Please arrive at the club by 10.00am.


  • Prepare for Afternoon tea. (Bread Rolls)
  • Set up greens for pennant on both front and back greens.
  • Corner flags.
  • Jacks and mats. (Please use white jacks from the front office)
  • Hoist Australian and Club flags at front and rear. (Flags located in front office)
  • Empty rubbish bins front and back as requited.
  • Clean seats. (Cleaning rags are in the cleaning cupboard in the clubhouse)
  • Check that cup holders at all 3 drinking fountains are stocked with plastic cups.


PM Duties

  • Ask Leads to put jacks, mats and scoops away.
  • Take down Australian and Club flags from front and rear poles and return to front office.
  • Remove corner flags when all rinks have finished bowling.
  • Generally check for, and clean-up, any rubbish laying about.
  • Check that tables are clean and floor is swept.