Weekend Pennant Selection - Round 8

Saturday, 22nd January, 2022
 PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, changes to the following teams may occur after publication;
please refer to the board at the club.Anyone affected will be contacted by the selectors.
Anyone not playing at home, and travelling directly to the away venue, is requested to indicate such with one of the red magnetic markers on the board.
Div 1 - Sect 4  -  Keysborough 1  v  Cheltenham 1  -  At Home
Lead  Second  Third   Skip 
Shaun Johnson Michael Gray Mitch Pepper Aaron Burke
David Ward Ben Cornell Cameron Bell
Ian Hosken (Manager / Duty AM)
Rod Halbish Robert Weller Tony Nelson David Rickerby
Grant McKay Andrew Adams Keith Pepper Tiffany Brodie
Div 2 - Sect 6 - Keysborough 2  v  Carrum 1  -  At Home
Lead  Second  Third  Skip 
Liz Hunter Mick Booth Noel Daly John Pentreath
Cindy Brodie Carol Hardham (Manager) Sam Moran Ting Silom
Michael Rossato Robert Bernardo Keith Horsnell
Kevin Deer
Isabella Hosken Peter Gillette Dylan Booth Rebecca Brodie
Div 4 - Sect 7  -  Narra Warren 3  v  Keysborough 3  -  Away
 Lead  Second Third  Skip
Allan Lehner Judy Casey Russell Matthews Alan Gibson
Rick Matthews Lynette Steele Greg Kelly Robert Steele
Bev Williams (Manager) Sue Klemm Richard Cruden John Casey
Anthony Scicluna Shane Pugsley Gloria Munro Peter Bendzius
Div 5 - Sect 7  -  Keysborough 4  v  Hampton 3  -  At Home
 Lead Second  Third  Skip 
Jenny Strahan Paul O'Neill Ken Groves Geoffrey King (Umpire)
Helen Kelly Scarlett Warburton Sarah Warburton Kevin Strahan
Pauline Schutt Tony Alvarez David Lockwood Steve Englebright
Philomena Alvarez (Mgr) John Fitzpatrick Luigi Savanah Les Kelly (Duty PM)
 Emergencies: Klaus Gunthner, David Osborne, Jo Sheard, Marilyn Mulcock, Peter Fahey