Midweek (Tuesday) Night Pennant Selection

  Tuesday, 4th February 2020 - Round 8

Please be at the Venue where you are playing no later than 6.50pm

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, changes to the following teams may occur after publication; please refer to the board at the club. Anyone affected will be contacted by the selectors.
Keysborough 1  v  Clayton  -  At Home
Lead Second Third Skip
Allan Lehner Keith Pepper Noel Daly John Pentreath
Luke Licina David Ward Mitch Pepper Rebecca Brodie (Manager)
Dylan Booth Michael Gray Dane Gade Cameron Bell
Keysborough 2  v  Hampton RSL  -  At Home
Lead Second Third Skip
 Sarah Warburton  Carol Hardham  Colin Dale  Klaus Gunthner
 Philomena Alvarez  Sue Klemm  Colin Logan  Greg Kelly
 Hugh Jameson  David Osborne  Cindy Brodie  Neil Webster
Emergencies : Peter Hawkins, Pat Riseley, Tony Alvarez



 Games are played at the first-named clubs, except:
Hampton RSL play at Brighton Beach - 2b South Road